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Crosslight are an Alternative Rock band from Nottingham, England. They cite bands such as Foo Fighters, Don Broco and Biffy Clyro as their primary influences; fusing elements of each to create a unique sound that has already won them praise. They have a deep and long-standing passion for writing, recording and performing their own music, and see the band as their life’s ambition. Their songs are relatable - drawing upon personal experience to create music that will endure.

Recorded in rural Nottinghamshire, Run Into Flowers is about being stuck in a rut; not fitting in to the norm and struggling to get out of your negative mind set. One of the first songs to be written on the 'Road To Recovery' album, the song reflects self-anger and desperation. A constant fight between acknowledging your problems but seeing no way out, as is represented in the style of the song: fast paced and in-your-face.

‘This song is important to me because it was one of the first I wrote for the band. I wrote it in a dark place, so it’s great to hear it fully recorded and seeing how far it’s come.’ - Luke James Litherland, Guitarist and songwriter.

Vocals// Charlotte Eastwood

Guitar// Luke Litherland

Bass// Daniel Giles

Drums// Joe Parr

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